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MAX-IMUM MUSCLE! Max Sinclair Talks About Life As a Sex Star, His Upcoming Body (Ahem!) of Work, and how Karma's A Bitch... and oh yeah, how he REALLY is a Nice Guy!

Photos 1-3 of Max courtesy of Hot House Productions
Photo 4 of Max by Isauro Cairo
Photo 5-6 of Max by Jed Ryan
Photo 7 of Max by Michael Alago

Max Sinclair Talks About Life As a Sex Star, His Upcoming Body (Ahem!) of Work, and how Karma's A Bitch... and oh yeah, how he REALLY is a Nice Guy!  

     Max Sinclair is hot! Five nights a week, you can see the stacked sex star dancing at Ziegfield's/Secrets in Washington, D.C.-- one of the few all-nude male strip joints in the country. With his boy-next-door face and thickly muscled body (Damn! Those quads can feed a family of four in Albania for a week!), Max is one of the most desired men in the adult film industry, having appeared in such titles as "Bad Conduct" (as "Kurt Weber") for TitanMen and "Dickin' Around" for Hot House Video. Those of you who missed Max's recent appearances in New York City (Earlier this year, he appeared at Will Clark's Porno  Bingo at Pieces, as well as The Black Party.) will have a chance to see him again in June, when Max will give his fans a  rare live porn-formance at the Wednesday night all-male party "Grab Ass" at Paddles. Max Sinclair gave an exclusive interview to Jed Ryan about his career, his hotly anticipated trip to New York City, and much more... (and as you'll  note, Max's alter ego-- a sweet boy named "Michael"-- chimed in every now and then!)  

JR: Hi Max! So, you live in Washington, D.C.  Did anyone ever suggest that you move to New York or L.A.,  where a lot more of “the action” is?  What do you tell them? 
MS: Well, I’m in Washington, D.C. for now.  My journey brought us here.  There must be a reason for it.  I love the nightclub that we dance in.  They have been my home away from home.  I care about the people there.  It's called Ziegfeld's/Secrets and it's one of the oldest gay strip clubs in existence.  Upstairs at Secrets, you can feast your eyes on the hottest, totally nude male dancers on the east coast. They will entertain you Wednesday through Sunday and the only  clothing you'll see is their socks! This is real entertainment for gay men. Of course, everyone constantly tries to tell me what to do.  But I have to follow my instinct and my heart.  Even though it’s been “wrong” before, deep down, in the long run,  it’s always been right.  Everyone else who pushed me inappropriately has been wrong and found out the hard way. Sometimes even before I knew. Does that sound bossy?  I don’t mean it that way.  It’s just what I have experienced. As I go through life, I try hard to show people.  But all I can do is focus on what is hopeful, positive, and encouraging. I am a loving person. I have never been a negative person.  When I was a kid, I realized to never focus on the negative.  There is enough doom and gloom all around.  I never look for revenge on people that have hurt me.  I try to find ways to overcome obstacles.  I find that karma has a way of showing us all where we have been wrong.  I know I've been roughed up by karma before.  Slapped in the face and pushed like a little pig bottom to the ground.  Karma has been harder on some of my enemies then I ever would have been.  It almost scares me to my core.  So I try to never have any bad feelings towards people around me and focus on love. I don't see the outcomes that are about to befall them or I will feel terrible. "You're such a fucking pussy Michael!"  

JR: Yeah, I know what you mean, Michael... uh, I mean Max! Karma is a powerful thing! So, what hot projects are you working on now?  
MS: Well, I just came back from Purple Party in Texas.  I want to support foundations that I believe go towards a good cause, like the Purple Party. (  I trust them because they were recommended to me by my friends.  And I know the people that work there.  The people I know there are honorable, honest, trustworthy members of society.  My friends are trustworthy and I trust the Purple Party Foundation for helping out their area.  I always ask people who criticize, "What are you doing?"  I find the world is so full of cynicism. Someone special used to say to me, "Michael, If you bring a criticism to me, be prepared to suggest a solution too.”  Bottom line: It is NEVER okay to simply criticize sumthin' without offering a solution.  If you do, then you are part of the problem.  Enough about circuit parties... I have four adult movies that I have been filmed last year that I am waiting to be released.  There were some magical forces at play here, for better or worse.  An example of one that I am excited about is the "Joe Gage" Threeway I filmed for Ray Dragon.  This is because it was so different and it was the hardest one for me to film.  The reason was that it takes place in a bar.  I play a former High School sports team coach (Do I look that old to you? DON'T ANSWER!!!).  I have a threeway in the bar after it closes.  I have sex with 2 of the guys from my old high-school team.  Another guy and me get pounded by the guy who is now the bar owner.  Throughout this movie, I felt like I was in a parallel universe because there were dead animals everywhere.  "Well I did all the work, he just kept trying to tell me to memorize the lines Joe Gage was forcing us to memorize.  Trust me, All he does is talk, it's very annoying." 

JR: Whew! That sounds hot... except maybe for the dead animals... Now, on to a controversial subject: How do you feel about the explosion of bareback porn that’s out there?  
MS: Well, everyone’s parents barebacked or you would not be here right now!  
JR: (Laughs) I never thought of it THAT way!  
MS:  It’s hot to watch but it scares me... even though it sexually turns me on and makes me a horny pig.  I encourage safe sex. I only accept safe sex roles in movies.  It terrifies me because I have friends with HIV and have lost friends to AIDS... even though they will live long and healthy, hopefully happy lives.  What will happen in the long run to the human race, the environment, or what if they get cancer from their meds, etc...  "Shut-The-Fuck-Up-Michael!"  WELL, I want to stay negative. "F-U"  This is the part where I cry.  It sends a message that you don’t need to practice safe sex.  I don’t like using condoms with a committed partner BUT I have also seen my previous partner’s results.  The sad reality is that I rarely have sex.  Let me preface this by saying: I would even date someone that was positive as long as they were honest and were safe with me.  I feel judged everyday, and have a low patience for most people in the gay community because people are quick to judge and assume who I am.  The reality is that they are bigger whores then I am.  Getting fucked every weekend, picking up guys from the bars, cheating on their boyfriends, lying, then looking at me and saying, “Ewwww, He does porn, he’s a stripper. I hear she’s a big bottom.”  So sometimes I fuck with peoples heads.  And, yes, I have been known to fuck them too, but first they have to crawl deep inside my head.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having sex, as long as you are looking yourself in the mirror everyday, and not impacting someone else's life in a evil way.  Sex is healthy.  But I think people need to be careful and be responsible and not engage in self-destructive behavior because they need to get their rocks of so bad and HARD.  Dirty, dirty boys.  Daddy's going to bend you over his lap and spank your naked ass.  I tend to be a Sex-Pig on TV but Michael really only wants to have sex with the man that he is in LOVE with.  Catch me in the right mood and I will spray cum all over your face then, then wipe it off with my hand and make you eat it. As gays, OUR strength is that gay people are very intelligent.  Use your power! 

JR: I agree. While we're on that subject, a lot of guys may think that being an adult film star is the perfect job: You get to have sex with hot guys and get paid for it.  What could be better?! How would you respond to that?  
MS: Some people just chose to hear me say what they want to hear.  To me, it is performance art.  They are not inside my head, and they do not know HOW I am viewing it as art.  I have my own agenda that the rest of the world needs to interpret it on their own.  I love to make people happy and it makes me very happy to know that I can make someone cum hard.  If I can help you shoot a Sperm Load, a huge part of my mission has been accomplished.  I want my scene partner and me to be unique in each scene.  I have a special place in my heart for each scene partner I have ever had.  It’s like they are an artist of "the FUCK" along with me.  They are a friends to me.  I try to stay in touch with each one.  Of course I do not try to pursue an intimate relationship with them.  I am not interested in that.  That would be delusional.  I prefer to save my illusions for my own personal enjoyment.  I save my reality for my real LOVE LIFE.  "SHUT UP MICHAEL, This is MY interview.  I just want to show a really hard FUCK on TV."  

JR: Now, now, boys!!! So, Max, out of all your film work, which one are you the most proud of; put another way: What movie is “essential Max Sinclair”?  
MS: There is no way I can answer this question.  Max Sinclair was a seed planted in my head, not my ass.  They are all essential but he is lost.  "Fuck-Off Michael, Look, It's just that none of them have brought me out of my shell fully.  There is a little Michael in me but I think I am the better part of his alter-ego.  Michael is too nice."  

JR: (Laughs)You once mentioned that you get dozens of e-mails and Facebook messages a day.  Are a lot of them from guys trying to get together with you?!  
MS: Did I say dozens of messages? Well, times that by ten.  They range from what you mentioned, guys just wanting to get together and are very explicit with what they want, to guys that are also sincere and complimentary.  I hear a lot from people that tell me all types of things, which at first was overwhelming.  But it has sort of given me the ability to see sexuality from a higher, and more aware level.  With that I feel like a burden or some sort of mission has been placed on my shoulders.  I feel like a have a responsibility to NOT JUDGE someone no matter what they have done, to listen, and to help.  Who’s to say what‘s wrong or right?  You are not God, Fuck-Face.  If people knew some of the places I have dumped my sperm load they would be shocked.  I am sure a lot of porn stars feel that way though.  Although I have nasty habit of playing a game called Devils' Advocate.  Jed, I want to play a game.  

JR: Anytime! I love games! Now, what’s the hardest (ahem...) thing about being in the business?  
MS: In the past it has been, finding someone that truly loves me.  I want to love and I feel like I can do so much for someone.  Right now I feel deep down that I have found someone that respects me and completely will love me.  He is not caught up in just being with me.  Someone who seems to want to build a family unit with me.  And won't judge me for my fascination with sex.  I can’t believe I actually admitted all of this.    But this is only the surface so far.  Now you know why I can't sleep at night.  Ha, ha! "Michael, I swear if you keep answering my questions I am going to beat your ass."  

JR: I am just busting to know: Can you spill a couple of your secrets on staying in such great shape?  Is it diet?  A particular routine? Are carbohydrates really the antichrist?! 
MS: OK, it is not all genetics.  People that think there is a big secret are usually too lazy to lift up a weight.  Except for you Jed. I would hump your leg and dump a load all over it in a second.
JR: As long as I have a leg, you'll always have a place to dump your load.  But why stop there?!
MS: (You're welcome mom and dad.  You liked all that, huh?)  I have worked hard at achieving the body I have.  There is no real secret.  All you need to do is lift heavy weights.  Considering my profession I am disciplined with my gym routine and have made it a habit to not miss a day of working out.  I tend to eat the right foods, however on the DL, even I slip up and need to eat a "few" slices of pizza. Sshhhhh... 

JR: I won't say a word! I actually had a slice myself the other day... Just don't tell my personal trainer! So, what is the one thing that most of your fans would be surprised to learn about you… and please, please don’t say that “I’m really a nice guy!” Everyone says that!  
MS: I am trying to think of how to re-phrase “I am a really nice guy” since you said not to say that.  Seriously I am a very down to earth person.  I enjoy talking to people, entertaining them, and getting to know them.  Most would say that I am a really good guy, and a giving person. (Oh, I'll give it to you alright you whiny little bitch.)  I only have a slight tendency towards evil.  Or do I?  "KARMA MAX, KARMA!!!!!"  Shut up,  Although, I have to admit, If someone fucks with me or hurts me, then I start playing fun little harmless game with them in the name of Karma.  Or do I?  "I am waiting for that one to backfire on him one day."  

JR: I can help you with that! As a practicing Wiccan, I know a thing or two about spells! So... what projects do you have coming up? 
MS: Well, I have four porn offers, a few of which I am hoping to fulfill this summer.  I am excited for my Joe Gage three-way to come out someday soon too. Hello!!!

JR: Nice! Make sure you send me a screener! Now, what can audiences expect from your upcoming show at Grab Ass? I can't wait!  
MS: I am not sure about this yet.  I can only allow myself to do things that I believe in, that inspire me, and drive me to the sexual perversion that comes from deep inside my core. "Shut up, What he's trying to say is BEATS THE FUCK OUT OF ME.”  

JR: Thanks, Max... and Michael! See you in New York... or maybe a road trip to D.C. is in order!  

Stay posted for more information about Max Sinclair's appearance at Grab Ass at Paddles!

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