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SEE IT! "G.B.S.": Brothers (Up) In Arms

Brothers (Up) In Arms

     Jason Hall's provocative new play "G.B.S." is making its American debut this week.  "G.B.S."... What does the title mean? The very first visual the audience sees is the eye-grabbing backdrop: a dizzying array of numbers and letters of different sizes and random arrangements.  When the two actors do appear on stage, they alternatingly recite about numbers, letters, anagrams, and more; their dialogue seems to go along the lines of how we all are bombarded with "too much information" in this day and age.  We wonder: Just where is this going? We find out, very soon...

     Meet  Rich and Steve.  They are brothers, but they could not be less alike, physically or personality-wise.  Rich (Curran Connor), a newly-divorced mechanic, is burly, imposing, blunt-spoken, and occasionally tempestuous.  Sam (Jason Jacoby), a nightclub worker now living in London, is gay, ostensibly single, slight in frame, animated, and at times a bit overwrought.  Sam flies back to suburban Toronto when the family patriarch falls into a coma, having been diagnosed with Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome-- the G.B.S. of the title. "G.B.S.", the play, is not really about Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome per se, but the disease is very much a secondary character who we never actually see.  It lurks in the background, and it's the impetus for bringing these two brothers together for a roller coaster of a reunion.  Sam, seemingly thriving in that big city across the Atlantic, hasn't seen his family in three years but feels none the poorer because of it.  At one point he opines, "'Suburbia': even the word sounds inferior!" (To add insult to injury, they've banned fags [meaning, cigarettes] from all Toronto restaurants and bars since he's been gone!)  Rich, in the meantime, has bore the brunt of the family crisis on top of his own issues, and seems quite embittered by it all.  Even before Rich and Sam physically reunite, the lingering judgments each one has for the other cause some thick anticipatory tension.  The audience knows it's gonna be a bumpy ride from the airport to the hospital.  Indeed, even when Rich and Sam aren't squabbling out loud, the audience is privy to the dialogue going off in the characters' heads during their
"wordless" moments ... and that banter is as lively as it gets.  It's also often quite hilarious as well.  In the course of their long day, a few interesting situations ensue.  One of them occurs when the pair stop to change a tire, and they meet up with a high school acquaintance who has had, shall we say, very different interactions with each brother.  It's one of the most amusing moments of the play.  The sibling tension, the family situation as a whole, Sam's distaste for his less-than-cosmopolitan surroundings, and Rich's bad back all contribute to an explosion of a climax when the pair finally reach their destination.  

     With less developed characters or less talented actors, "G.B.S." could have made these two brothers into caricatures: Rich, the blue-collar goon; and Sam, the neurotic gay guy.  Instead, we find it hard to say that one brother is "right" or "wrong" when the two fight.  For example: Did Sam selfishly "abandon" his family, as Rich accuses, or did he just flee to London from what he perceived as a miserable situation for his own personal survival?  That's just one of the many likely post-theater musings the audience will likely leave with.  "G.B.S." features an astonishing amount of power and emotion for a two-character play on a minimalist set.  It's a credit to Jason Hall's script, the cast, and Director Jay Rohloff that the play packs such a wallop.

     "G.B.S." is presented by The Clockwork Theatre and is playing through April 10th at The Kirk @ Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street between 9th & 10th Avenues.  For more info, showtimes, and tickets, visit www.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Deep Inside Disney 

     "Waking Sleeping Beauty", a fascinating documentary about Walt Disney Studios during the years 1984 to 1994, opens with footage of Sir Elton John recording music for a certain 1994 animated film about a family of lions... which was reinvented as one of the hottest tickets on Broadway to this day.  It's hard to fathom that "The Lion King", the movie, came out 16 years ago.  For many of my generation, the Disney movies of that era ("Aladdin", "The Little Mermaid", and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit") are the "new" animated classics.  Like the "old" Disney classics ("Pinocchio", "Snow White", etc...), these movies are smart, fun flicks that both the kiddies and the adults could enjoy... as well as remember.  What many may NOT remember, however, is that not too long before their string of hits, Disney's animation studio was down Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole and couldn't get out.   In the mid 80's,  there was a generation gap between the old timers and the younger animators.  The studio's ambitious (and by some viewpoints, misunderstood...) 1985 PG-rated animated film "The Black Cauldron" cost $25 million to make, and was a commercial failure.  Some feared that animated movies in general were on the verge of extinction: they were done by hand and were thus expensive to make, and they just weren't bringing in the money.  "Waking Sleeping Beauty" tells the story about how Disney's animation division went from the creative and financial doldrums to become a genuine juggernaut, starting with "The Little Mermaid" in 1989.  It's a lively story, indeed, with lively players: including Roy Disney, the nephew of Walt; as well as the men brought in to shake things up: Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  Modernizing the studio was also part of the plan: It may seem hard to imagine, but Disney was quite resistant to the idea of using computers at first. (In case you're dying to know, "The Rescuers Down Under" in 1990 was the first digital movie released in Hollywood.) By the time "Beauty and the Beast" was nominated for the Academy Award for "Best Picture" in 1991-- the first animated film to have that honor-- it was clear that something big was happening.  The film lost to "Silence of the Lambs".  In the words of Don Hahn, who produced "Beauty and the Beast", "We didn't win that night, but we were invited to the ball."

     "Waking Sleeping Beauty" was directed and produced by Don Hahn, and produced by Peter Schneider-- two genuine Disney insiders.  Hahn started in his career at Disney by delivering coffee to the animators, and went on to become one of the most successful filmmakers in Hollywood today.  Schneider worked for DIsney for 17 years, serving as President of Animation and Chairman of the Studio at times.  Breaking away from the lazy format of so many documentaries, there are no "talking heads" in this movie.  This was a deliberate intention of the filmmakers; they did not want the movie to be, as they mirthfully put it at a Q&A, "two old men reminiscing".  The film is made up entirely of rare archival footage from 1984 to 1994, clips from many of the movies they speak about, and many still shots of cartoons and caricatures-- many of them absolutely hilarious.  These were drawn by the animators to relieve workplace tension through the years.  While its often very funny and always interesting, "Waking Sleeping Beauty" has some truly heartfelt moments as well.  The filmmakers sadly reminisce about how Howard Ashman, lyricist and Executive Producer of "Beauty and the Beast", died from AIDS in 1991; Frank Wells tragically died in a helicopter crash in 1994.

     Knowing that DIsney is very, very, VERY protective of its characters and its image,  I was literally busting inside as "Waking Sleeping Beauty" was playing.  I wondered how the creators had such great access to all the rare and not-so-rare footage shown in the movie.  As it turns out, The DIsney company cooperated with the making of "Waking Sleeping Beauty", and are distributing the film as well.  Don't suddenly think, though, that the film is just a Disney love fest.  It's the whole story: the good, the bad, and the ugly (For example, some of the aforementioned players in this story are not always shown in the most flattering light.  In addition, the movie doesn't sugarcoat the fact that profits, not necessarily creativity, was a guiding force in Disney's decisions.)  Are you  the kind of guy or gal that wouldn't hesitate to buy a ticket for "The Princess and the Frog" to see by yourself; or the kind who'd be willing to sit with your niece or nephew for yet another showing of "Toy Story" on TV?  Maybe not.  But I can say without a doubt that "Waking Sleeping Beauty" is mandatory for anyone who's seriously into movies of ANY genre, as well as intrigued by the accompanying trends in pop culture and economics that go hand in hand with the entertainment biz..

     "Waking Sleeping Beauty" opens on Friday, March 26th.  Visit for locations and showtimes.

BLACK LIKE DAT! The 2010 Black Party Expo & Bazaar

Pic 1: Two reps from Harlem United Community AIDS Center. 
Pic 2: XXX film star Owen Hawk & friend
Pic 3: The boys from (presumably post-coital!)
Pic 4: The fashion show
Pic 5: Host Acid Betty
Pic 6: XXX film star/promoter Mike Dreyden & XXX film star Samuel Colt
Pic 7: That Boy Butter guy!

Pic 8: The fashion show
Pic 9: Mr. Woof/Mr. Rawhide Ryan Moller & adult film stars Dominic Rider & Samuel Colt
Pic 10: DIVA (Drag Initiative to Vanquish AIDS)
Pic 11: XXX film stars & boyfriends Marco Cruise/Tony Serrano
Pic 12: Owen Hawk, Owen's b-friend Scott, Marco, & Tony
Pic 13: DJ/performer Reed (AKA EmPulse) between the two guys from exclusive jewelry creators Tribal Son
Pics 14: Rubio Leather
Pics 15: Guys In Gear
Pic 16: Owen & friends
Pic 17: Genderfucking at its finest!

Pic 18: Rentboy Gio
Pic 19: The Men of Joe Oppedisano
Pics 20 & 21: Two of the models from the fashion show 

The 2010 Black Party Expo & Bazaar

      Porn stars and strippers and escorts-- oh my!  The infamous Black Party saw its 31st incarnation in 2010... but The Black Party Expo & Bazaar, which took place in the hours before the big soiree itself, made its official debut this year.  Can you say "afternoon delight"?!  The packed event, proceeds from which benefited The NYC LGBT Center, featured a seemingly endless list of stars from Manhattan's after-midnight scene... and seemingly just as endless an inventory of "adults only" merchandise on display.  There was 3-D porn from Dominic Ford (Fuck "Alice in Wonderland". This was more like "Wonderland in Alex"!), handcrafted leatherwear from the omnipresent Steve Leather, rubber sheets, bottles of "fragrance", Boy Butter, and much more for sale.   Even the most jaded connoisseur of sex-essories must have been making their wish list for all tomorrow's parties.  Gender-fucking performer Acid Betty, one of the Expo's Hosts, threw free prizes ranging from buttplugs to belts into the audience. (Paying some sort of "homage" to a drag artist who shall remain nameless, she told us, "I'll be throwing this as hard as possible to make sure I hurt someone-- and get a writeup in The Village Voice!"... she quickly added, "I'm just kidding!")  One of the other highlights was a fashion show featuring a parade of models in a retrospective of Black Party themes of the past years.  And, in a sneak preview of what was to come hours later, there were some wild live shows.  I cannot go into detail, but let's just say that one stacked porn-former did the thing that left the guys in the audience guys saying, "If I could do THAT, I'd never leave the house!".   Eye candy was everywhere: XXX film star and uber-promoter Mike Dreyden had his own booth where fellow porn stars Dominic Rider and Samuel Colt hung out with leathercub Ryan Moller.  This was the first Black Party for Moller, who concurrently holds the titles of Mr. Rawhide and Mr. Woof.  He told me, "I'm babysitting porn stars."  Oh really?  Do porn stars have bedtimes?  "They go to bed when I send them to bed-- or WHERE I send them to bed!"   Meanwhile, at the Dark Alley Media booth, porn star/producer Owen Hawk and his b-friend Scott hung out with fellow XXX stars (and boyfriends!) Tony Serrano and Marco Cruise.   I ask Serrano, who has just finished a film with Treasure Island Media, if he'll be at The Black Party later.  He says, "I will be here.  Definitely.  I'm not gonna say 'with bells on', cause that wouldn't fit, would it?" Maybe bells wouldn't go with the theme of this year's Party, which was 1940's Argentina-style glamor-- but what little costumes there are don't ever stay on for very long!  Tony adds, "That's is fine with me, cause I'd much rather be naked anyway!" Who'd argue with that?

     In addition to the men and the merch, there were also some dedicated community groups in attendance as well, one of them being Harlem United Community AIDS Center.  Their table offered free male and female condoms, dental dams, lube, pamphlets, and free HIV/STD testing.  Aisha Muhammad is Program Coordinator for Outreach Services of the organization.  As the seemingly lone biological female at Roseland Ballroom that afternoon, the perky girl tells me that the response to her table has been good.  "We're doing a great job.  We have outreach workers not only giving out condoms but also literature, and people are coming to get tested."  I asked Aisha how she felt with her table competing for attention in a room full of half-naked guys (I mean, come on now: How can you compete with the guys from, who showed off their, uhm... talents, on a giant bed?!)  She just smiled and told me, "The beauty of this is that it's about more than one thing.  We have folks that are negative and they're coming around to get the condoms... or we'll have someone with a G-string on getting tested.  It's different, but it's not more difficult than the 'usual' testing event!  It works.  People are having sex.  It's a reminder that sex is a part of life.  We also have to be safe.. so, condoms are also a part of life too."    

       It was off to the Black Party after that... which, in the tradition of the event, I'll refrain from offering any details about.  What happens at the Black Party stays at The Black Party.  But one thing's for sure... The Black Party Expo & Bazaar will remain a successful annual event for many years to, uhm... come!

     Visit for more!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

GET YER BLACK ON! The Black Party: The Expo, The Event, and More!

The Black Party: The Expo, The Event, and More!

The sexiest, fuckingest, most notorious party of the year in New York City (the world?!) starts on Saturday, March 20th with BPX: The Black Party Expo & Bazaar.  I'll be at The Expo and then I'll be at The Black Party with The Men's Sexual Health Project (M*SHP) doing free HIV and STD testing and smarter sex counseling.  There will be a LOT of festivities competing for attention this weekend both before and after The Black Party.  I will be at Grab Ass at Paddles for a special After Black Party Event!     

BLACK PARTY EXPO & BAZAAR: Behind-The-Scenes At The World’s Sexiest Party!
Sat. Mar. 20, 12 noon-7PM
Roseland Ballroom
239 W. 52 Street

Adult Film Stars. Strange Live Acts. Fashion & Fetish Vendors. Movies. Toys. Books. Art. Novelties.  An opportunity to go behind the scenes at world’s sexiest party.
Attendees will be free to drink, dance, meet their favorite XXX film stars & power-shop this kinky bazaar for the best in leather & fetish fashions, adult films, books, toys & erotic art, all while mingling under the stunningly theatrical installations erected for the night’s big event. 

Hosted by Acid Betty,  DJ Nita, and Tyra Allure, with XXX Superstars Alex Baresi, Junior Stellano, Avi Dar, Arpad Miklos, Diesel Washington, Owen Hawk & Rafael Alencar

Exhibitors Include: 1(800)GAY-LIVE; Anti-Heroes Comics, Black Party Portraits, Boot Black & The Barber, Bonding Company, Boy Butter, Chest Hunter College, Chocolate Cream Factory, CMA-Crystal Meth Anonymous, Dark Alley Media, Dominic ford 3D Porn, Etre Magazine, Eurocreme / Studmall, Fort Troff, Guyz in Gear, Harlem United, Joe Oppedisano, The Leather Man, Mike Dreyden events, Needle Play Designs, NY Jox, PJur Lubricants, Rentboy, Rubio Leather, Spank Magazine, Steve Leather, V Van Sales Inc., & The Village Voice

Benefitting The LGBT Center
Tickets: $20 advance, $25 at door.  Tix available at The LGBT Center: 208 West 13th Street; The Leather Man, 111 Christopher Street; Nasty Pig, 265A West 19th Street; Screaming Mimi’s, 382 Lafayette Street; Steel Gym, 146 West 23rd Street; and Wear Me Out, 353 West 47th Street

All Black Party tix include entrance to BPX: The Black Party Expo & Bazaar
For online tix & info: http://www.BlackPartyExpo.Com

Saturday, March 20, 2010
Roseland Ballroom
239 West 52nd Street

Music by Hector Fonseca, Paulo, & Ana Paula; Encore: Rich King & Gustavo; Lights by Guy Smith & Darren Kawa

GENERAL ADMISSION: $110 March through day of event, $125 at the Door
SAINT MEMBERS: $60 – Available at Door Only (Saint Membership Card Required)
AFTER 9am: $50 – Available at Door Only
UNDER AGE 26 PROMO: $40 – Available at Door Only (Entrance Before Midnight or After 4AM)

Remember: No cameras, cellphones, liquids, or illicit behaviors!
Tix available at The Leather Man, 111 Christopher Street; Nasty Pig, 265A West 19th Street; Screaming Mimi’s, 382 Lafayette Street; Steel Gym, 146 West 23rd Street; & Wear Me Out, 353 West 47th Street

For more info, visit



Nightlife meets Smarter Sex as Men*s Sexual Health Project (M*SHP) will be providing free, confidential HIV testing and safer sex counseling to attendees of The Black Party.  M*SHP works in affiliation with Bellevue Hospital Center and NYU School of Medicine to provide professional services in judgement-free settings throughout the City.  Watch for our signs!  We will be there from 2am-8am!  For more info on Men's Sexual Health Project, e-mail  Visit our Facebook page at:

Sunday, March 21
10AM to 5PM
Paddles- 250 West 26th Street, Corner of 8th Ave. Parking lot door entrance.
 Special Price: $20 plus $2 clothing check
Call (212)366-9339 or visit for more details!

Grab Ass, the hottest Wednesday night men's only party in New York City, cums back to Paddles for a special Sunday After Black Party Event.  Wanna relax? Wanna play?  Wanna do both?  This afternoon man-to-man party will have snacks and refreshments to get you back on your feet. Why go home after the Black Party?  Keep yer sexy goin' with other hot, friendly, and VERY playful guys!  Perhaps you can't make The Black Party but still want to get a taste of the men who will be there. Come to Grab Ass' After Black Party Event on Sunday, March 21 from 10AM to 3PM... and stay til 5PM!
Play hard, play long, play fair, & play smart... but make sure you play!

RETURN OF THE GLITTER MAN: Michael Douglas and Matt Damon to appear in new Liberace movie

80's porn star wannabe Matt Damon talks about his upcoming role as Liberace's young lover
Michael Douglas and Matt Damon to appear in new Liberace movie
     Get ready to see Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in the throws of sexual ecstasy-- or at least, playing a game of tonsil hockey.  A big-screen biopic about flamboyant entertainer Liberace is definitely in the works, with Douglas playing the campy singer and Damon playing Scott Thorson, Liberace's twinkish limo driver,"bodyguard", and live-in boyfriend of five years, who was 17 when they met.  Their "love story" didn't exactly have a happy ending.  Thorson sued his sugar daddy for $113 million in palimony after the two split up, publicly outing the singer. In 1984, most of Thorson's suit was dismissed, although he received quite a bit of hush money for damage control.  Liberace continued to publicly deny that Thorson was his lover and even that he was gay; in fact, "Mr. Showmanship" denied his homosexuality his entire career, up until his death from AIDS in 1987. In 1956, an article in a British paper  "The Daily Mirror" stopped short of outright saying he was gay, stated that Liberace was "…the summit of sex—the pinnacle of masculine, feminine, and neuter.  Everything that he, she, and it can ever want… a deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love"  (Now, I don't see anything derogatory about that... Do you?) Liberace sued and won.  The singer-- who had a preference for furs, feathers, sequins, glitter, and gaudy jewelry-- fought and settled a similar case in the U.S.against the gossip mag  "Confidential", who published an article in 1957 entitled "Why Liberace's Theme Song Should Be 'Mad About the Boy!'"  The kiddies today may not remember Liberace, whose fan base consisted mainly of middle-aged women and closet queens even in his heyday (My mother was a fan.  What does that tell you?).  However, the singer was a staple of early 1950s television, was a very popular in Las Vegas later on, and cemented his status in pop culture forever by appearing as a Liberace-like Special Guest Villain in "Batman"!  Hey, Lady Gaga even pays him homage in her song "Dance in the Dark".  The 2011 movie will be directed by Steven Soderbergh ("Erin Brockovich", "The Informant!").  Soderbergh has stated that the budget will allow filmmakers to re-create segments of Liberace's elaborate live shows, which often involved elaborate stunts such as "flying" on to the stage or driving to his piano bench in a Rolls-Royce.  This is not the first time Liberace's life has been made into a movie.  In 1988, not one but two made-for-TV movies were shown about his life. I remember seeing both of them as a fledgling culture vulture.  One of them, the "official" one, asserted that Liberace was (Get this...) heterosexual, and it only briefly mentioned that he died of AIDS via a screen note at the end.  The better, more accurate version, called "Liberace: Behind the Music" starred Victor Garber as Liberace and Maureen Stapleton as his overbearing mother.  This movie actually explored his homosexuality, his relationship with Thorson, and his HIV status-- although the film was still sadly restricted by TV movie standards at the time.
     Matt Damon appeared earlier this week on "The Early Show" on CBS, sporting a mustache that made him look an extra in the bar scenes of the 1980 gay leather bar murder movie "Cruising".  "What's with the mustache?" co-anchor Harry Smith asked the actor. "I'm going into porn," Damon said, laughing. "It's really the only place left. But I'm going into '80s porn." Hmmm...  Damon spoke about his role in his new movie "Green Zone," and then went on to talk about his upcoming role as Thorson in the Liberace movie.  Damon said the last time he saw Douglas, he was told by the star, "Get your Chapstick ready!"

Are you turned on yet?

They Call Me MISTER Rawhide!

Pic 1:Preacher Cassadine (Mr. Eagle NYC 2010) & Emcee Will Clark
Pic 2: Will Clark and Mr. Rawhide Founder/Organizer Justin John Castillo
Pic 3: Go-go boy Ray Daniels
Pic 4: The Contestants, good from all sides!
Pic 5: Contestant Colin and friend Greg
Pic 6: Colin & Will
Pic 7: The Contestants: Jason, Ryan, Colin, & Paul
Pic 8: Jason, Ryan, Paul, & Colin
Pic 9: The Judges
Pic 10: Contestants Jason & Ryan
Pic 11 and 12: The Contestants: Jason, Ryan, Colin, & Paul
Pic 13: Ray Daniels
Pic 14: Jason & Will
Pic 15: The Contestants
Pic 16: Ryan 
Pic 17: The newly crowned Mr. Rawhide 2010: Ryan Moller

They Call Me MISTER Rawhide!
     Call it "Saturday Night Raw".  The leather/Levi bar known as Rawhide, with its infamous "one-way windows", is one of the Gay Apple's most established (Never say "oldest"!) watering holes.  The weekend of March 12-13, however, saw the premiere of a new event: the very first Mr. Rawhide Compeition. When the contest was first announced a while back, one bitchy observer commented, "They don't even have a stage!"  True dat... but never underestimate the power of a big black box.  Despite Saturday the 13th being the wettest, windiest night in New York City in recent memory, and starting at the non-gay friendly time of 5PM, the tiny bar was jam-packed for the leather-clad event.  As one of the organizers implied, hot guys rubbing against each other in a crowded space is never a bad thing.  True dat, again.  The event opened with event Founder/Organizer Justin John Costello leading a moment of silence for members of our community who are no longer with us.  We then got to meet our Emcee for the night, well-known man-about-town Will Clark.  No stranger to winning a title himself (Northeast Mr. Drummer 1997/98), Will introduced our four contestants: Jason, Ryan, Colin, and Paul.  Aside from all of them being very masculine (and, shall we say, "easy-on-the-eyes"), the four could not have been any more diverse in terms of their looks and their lifestyles: a professional rodeo star/bodybuilder versus a Broadway costume designer... a member of New York's leading GLBT cheerleading team versus an animal lover who implied that his ideal shopping spree would be at... Petco! (What would PETA say about a guy who loves animals but is entering a leather contest?  Hmmm...).  Competing for one of the most envied sack o' prizes in town (Talk about great packages!...), the guys got to show off their tattoos for the audience, were quizzed about the hankie code, and then got to pose for the crowd in three different "looks", including jockstap and formal leatherwear.  They also got to speak to the audience about what unity and the community meant to them, allowing us to "get to know" the men. (As well as allowing us to hear contestant Colin's voice-- enough to melt the biggest, burliest leather top into submission). The Judges were: Darrell Perry, of Darrell's Dungeon; Grant Anderson, former President of GMSMA; CirrTone, of Onyx NYC and The LeatherMan, Inc; Master Tip, President of Iron Guard MC and MAsT NY; Kip Hollar, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2009; Morgaine, Ms. New Jersey Leather 2010; and Special Guest Judge, XXX film star/uber-promoter Mike Dreyden.  Tallying the scores were Spanky, Mr. New Jersey Leather 2008; and Damian, Mr. New Jersey Leather 2010.  Darrell Perry, who was Head Judge, stated, "We're really proud of the diversity that we have. It's a small group-- only four-- but they have a wide range of experience and commitment to the community. We're actually very excited about serving tonight.  The guys are in a venue where they can talk about what their heart is about, where they can let their freak flag fly... So, they're doin' it!  We want someone who really represents the community and represents the bar on some level, but we want to continue the leather legacy for the next generation.  We do that through image and through ideas."  Judge Master Tip added, "All the contestants have heart.  We're looking for the one that has the LEATHER heart."   Yes, there was a few audio glitches throughout the night, but sadly, no "wardrobe malfunctions". (Like the sight of an exposed pierced nipple would have caused a fuss anyway; For this contest, the more skin shown, the better!).  As for a "half time show", who needed live music when the entertainment included music by DJ Delroy (The "Take Your Shirt Off!" remixes...) and go-go boy Ray Daniels, who was very nicely hairy in all the right that "welcome mat!"  And oh, the audience!  There were more titles that night than the average gay man's porn collection. Seen: Robert Valin, Mr. Eagle NYC 2005; Fred Little (Mr. Lure 2000); Preacher Cassadine (Mr. Eagle NYC 2010); and many others.

      Colin was named First Runner Up, and Ryan Moller was crowned Mr. Rawhide 2010.  I guess you just can't go wrong with skintight pale yellow rubber pants that protect the property but display the goods so well.   Ryan now serves double duty as Mr. Rawhide and Mr. Woof.  During his title year, Ryan will represent the bar and his local leather community through events, fundraising, and charitable action. He will move on to show his raw talent in The International Mr. Leather Competition in January 2011.  
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